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Are you ready to learn more? HIV Community Link provides a variety of HIV presentations in Calgary that focus on the many different aspects and perspectives that surround this illness. To request your HIV presentation in Calgary, fill out the form at the bottom of the page or use the contact information provided. We look forward to visiting your group soon!

Although we offer a variety of standard trainings, all of our HIV presentations in Calgary can be tailored to your group or organization’s needs. In addition, if you require a different focus or topic, please let us know! We’ll be happy to accommodate.

Here Are Some Of Our Most Popular Presentations:

HIV: The Basics

This presentation covers basic HIV information including: definitions, myths and facts, stigma and discrimination, transmission and prevention, and HIV testing. This presentation is tailored to the informational, cultural and age-appropriate requirements of the audience.

HIV for Health and Social Service Professionals

This presentation focuses on building knowledge and tools to work effectively and ethically with people living with and at risk for contracting HIV or AIDS. Topics include roles and responsibilities, occupational exposure and risk reduction, confidentiality, disclosure and human rights. The presentation is appropriate for practicing professionals and post-secondary students and can be tailored to those working with specific key populations.

Living with HIV: Personal Stories

This presentation is delivered by a speaker living with HIV. Speakers share real life stories of physical and emotional experiences on the unique journey of living with HIV. This presentation is often combined with HIV 101: The Basics.

Harm Reduction Principles and Practices

This presentation provides an overview of harm reduction as an evidence-based public health strategy. Discussion includes examples of harm reduction in practice and the evidence base for harm reduction strategies and to improve health outcomes for individuals and communities.

Shifting Perspectives: Sex Work

This presentation explores working with people involved in sex work utilizing a harm reduction and rights-based approach. Choice and consent are explored on a continuum, along with harm reduction tips for working with sex workers. We also provide an overview of violence, sex work laws, trafficking vs. sex industry, and a variety of other sex work related topics.

Hepatitis C: The Basics

This presentation covers basic hepatitis C information including: epidemiology in Canada, transmission, symptoms, testing, treatment.

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