Leah’s Story

Leah has been volunteering with HIV Community Link for over a year. She is 33 years old and she is a registered nurse. “I took a special interest in sexual health. I was pointed towards HIV Community Link and I thought I would enjoy it, and I have. I have worked in sexual transmitted infections in Sydney, Australia, and was a part of a research study on rapid testing. HIV has its share of stigma and I wanted to continue my work to break down the stigma. Having given a few HIV diagnoses myself, I felt really moved by doing this work,” says Leah describing her connection with the cause.

“I really enjoy working with the organization. I’ve made some good connections with the staff there, I feel recognized as a volunteer, and it’s definitely something I want to continue doing. I would strongly encourage people to volunteer with agencies that they feel are doing something good. It brings a lot of positivity in my life, I’ve met really wonderful people and it’s been a lovely experience. It’s nice to just give back when you know you can.”