Our Stories

We exist to serve our clients and share their stories. Each of the individuals we meet through HIV Community link has a compelling story that deserves to be told, and we’d like to share a few. Our clients and volunteers are the people who make HIV Community Link possible and better every day.

Erica's Story

Shift always has your best interests in mind...they take care of everything.

Al's Story

It has changed my life for the better. It truly has.

Jordan's Story

Jordan and HEAT have built a relationship based on a mutual goal: reducing barriers to HIV education across the city’s queer community.

Alex's Story

Alex believes education is critical to changing society’s perception of HIV

Darcy’s Story

Addiction can happen to anybody, and that’s why education is so important

Stephen’s Story

Who amongst us could have known the fight would go on for 35 years?

Liv’s Story

Shift has been one of the best experiences of getting support.

I am Stella

A story of resilience in the face of domestic abuse and HIV stigma

Cheryl’s Story

Don’t give up, don’t give up, as hard as it is, as lonely as it is, you can come to a place like Shift and you have someone that will stand beside you and will help you and me.

Leah’s Story

It’s nice to just give back when you know you can.

Ann’s Story

When I got here I was treated very well, there was not judgement, no stigma.

Gerald’s Story

I just like to step in whenever and wherever I am needed.

Marie’s Story

It felt really good to receive non-judgmental support from Shift.