Our People

Over the years, we have been fortunate to attract some wonderful, qualified people to HIV Community Link. Our organization is comprised of enthusiastic volunteers, hard-working staff members and a devoted board of directors, who are dedicated to promoting a more compassionate, nonjudgmental and respectful society. Learn more about our staff, program directors and board directors by clicking on their name:

Our Staff

[popup_trigger id=”4043″ tag=”span” do_default=”1″]Leslie Hill, Executive Director[/popup_trigger]
Prevention, Education and Support Services

Andrea Carter, Director, Programs

Prevention and Education

[popup_trigger id=”4761″ tag=”span”]Janak Bajgai, Team Lead, Prevention and Education[/popup_trigger]  
[popup_trigger id=”4092″ tag=”span”]Mark Randall, Coordinator, HEAT Program[/popup_trigger]  
[popup_trigger id=”4098″ tag=”span”]Sipiwe Mapfumo, Coordinator, Drumbeat African Communities Program[/popup_trigger]  

Support Services

[popup_trigger id=”4453″ tag=”span”]Katelyn Dickin, Coordinator, Shift Educator & Capacity[/popup_trigger]  
[popup_trigger id=”4088″ tag=”span”]Jordana Goldstein, HIV Case Manager[/popup_trigger]  
Jenny Thornhill, Case Manager, Shift
Natasha Potvin, Case Manager, Shift
Anna Gunn, Outreach Worker, Shift Program
Sandra Wong, Peer Program Coordinator

Medicine Hat

Michelle Sanderson, Teamlead, Safelink
Marie Tounissoux, Teamlead, Safelink
[popup_trigger id=”4838″ tag=”span”]Kevin Dey, Outreach Worker, Harm Reduction[/popup_trigger] 
Christa Schmidt, Outreach Worker, Harm Reduction
Barb Grady, Outreach Worker, Harm Reduction
Sarah Hoisington, Nurse, Overdose Prevention
Michelle Garrett, Nurse, Overdose Prevention
Loretta Stock, Educator, Overdose Prevention
Amanda Vaughan, Pregnancy Support Worker, Well Program
Chelsey Cowan, Registered Nurse, Well Program
Isabelle Hanlon, Registered Nurse, Well Program
Nick Baumann, Peer Support Worker
David Penney, Peer Support Worker


[popup_trigger id=”4090″ tag=”span”]Kemi Awolusi, Program Coordinator[/popup_trigger]


Jennifer Stacey, Director, Operations
Tamara Rose, Executive Assistant

Community Relations
[popup_trigger id=”4102″ tag=”span”]Ana Glavan, Director, Community Relations[/popup_trigger]  
Laura Conrad, Fund Development Associate
Alisha Ostberg, Events and Communications Assistant

Board of Directors

[popup_trigger id=”4074″ tag=”span” do_default=”1″]Alexandra De Freitas – Chair[/popup_trigger]  
[popup_trigger id=”4077″ tag=”span”]Mike Miller – Vice Chair[/popup_trigger]  
[popup_trigger id=”4057″ tag=”span”]Andrew Matthews – Treasurer[/popup_trigger]  
[popup_trigger id=”4066″ tag=”span”]Jonathan M. Ablett – Secretary[/popup_trigger]  
[popup_trigger id=”4061″ tag=”span”]Mike Peters – Past Chair[/popup_trigger]  
[popup_trigger id=”4069″ tag=”span”]Jack Janvier – Member at Large[/popup_trigger]  
[popup_trigger id=”4060″ tag=”span”]Christine Gillies – Member at Large[/popup_trigger] Akhil Ramdoyal – Member at Large
Jeff Standell – Member at Large
Leah Fochuk – Member at Large
Meredith Bragg – Member at Large

Become a Director

Directors are volunteers from diverse backgrounds who share a passion and commitment to improving wellness for individuals and communities affected by HIV and hepatitis C. By leveraging connections with peers and community members, we are determined to educate communities while providing nonjudgmental support, tools and information to reduce the risk of HIV and hepatitis C.

If interested in learning more, please call (403) 508-2500 or (877) 440-2437 (toll-free).