Our People

Over the years, we have been fortunate to attract some wonderful, qualified people to HIV Community Link. Our organization is comprised of enthusiastic volunteers, hard-working staff members and a devoted board of directors, who are dedicated to promoting a more compassionate, nonjudgmental and respectful society.

Check our contact information page if you want to get in touch.

Our Staff

Executive Team
Katie Ayres, Executive Director
Ana Glavan, Director, Community Relations
Megan Williamson, Director, Programs

Karyn Jackson, Team Lead, Education & Capacity Building
Monika Kiegelmann, Team Lead, Support Services Calgary

Southestern Alberta
Marie Tounissoux, Team Lead, Safelink

Board of Directors

Andrew Matthews – Board Chair  
Bob Noftall – Vice-Chair  
Maria Seloza – Treasurer
Jonathan M. Ablett – Secretary  
Jessica Boyd – Member at Large
Dianne Dyer – Member at Large
Dr. Dave Este – Member at Large
Leah Fochuk – Member at Large
Stacey Clark – Member at Large  
Jack Janvier – Member at Large  
Caia Mundell – Member at Large
Akhil Ramdoyal – Member at Large
Jeff Standell – Member at Large