HEAT (Gay, Bi, MSM)

The HEAT program provides HIV, hepatitis C and other STI education, awareness and prevention services to gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men (MSM).

The program provides easy access to information and resources that are especially supportive of this community with a specific goal of addressing HIV in MSM communities. Want to know where to go for testing? Easy, our HEAT Worker can hook you up with all your options. Need to keep your condom stash stocked? Our HEAT Worker can point you toward all the free condoms you need and answer any of your questions and queries about safer sex, sexual health, HIV testing, living with HIV and more.

Our community-based services offer non-judgmental information, education, and support to all gay, bi and MSM:

    • Training and workshops for community members and partner organizations
    • In-person outreach at community events, venues, and testing clinics
    • Online outreach and education through social networking and dating site
    • Free safer sex supplies and education materials
    • Advocacy, collaboration and community-based research projects
    • Peer-based groups to reduce HIV risk and increase healthy behaviours

Where Can I Get Tested?

Free HIV and STI testing is available at:

  • HIV Community Link in Calgary: 110- 1603 10 Avenue SW. HIV and STI testing for guys into guys every Friday from 4-7 pm. Get in touch at (403) 508-2500 ext. 129 or email heat@hivcl.org to book an appointment.
  • Calgary STI Clinic: Sheldon Chumir Health Centre, 1213 – 4th Street SW, 5th floor (general public clinic)
    Call (403) 955-6700 for hours.
  • Safeworks Clinic:  Sheldon Chumir Health Centre, 1213 – 4th Street SW; Room 1039 (MSM clinic)
    Call (403) 850-3755 for hours.
  • Goliaths Saunatel308B 17th Ave SW (MSM clinic)
    Call our HEAT worker at (403) 508-2500 for hours.
  • Calgary Sexual Health Centre: 700, 1509 Centre Street SW (MSM clinic)
    Call (403) 283-5580 for information.

Follow our social media for up-to-date testing info.

If you want to speak to our Heat Worker, give him a call at (403) 508-2500 ext. 129 or send an email to heat@hivcl.org.

Find him on Facebook @heat.worker  —  Grindr: HEAT —  Scruff: HEAT  —  Squirt: Heat_ac  —  BBRTS: heatworker

Why is this Work Important?

We have made working with the MSM community a priority as this key population continues to represent a large proportion of newly diagnosed or living with HIV in Canada and Alberta. Through our HEAT program in Calgary, we help bridge gaps, giving improved access to condoms, testing resources and information that help address HIV in MSM in a non-judgmental, empathetic way.


I thought there was a cure now?

There is no cure for HIV. There are a number of treatment options available to help HIV-positive people live longer and healthier lives.  A great deal of research continues looking into a vaccine to prevent HIV. However, no successful vaccine has currently been identified.

I need to go to another country and not sure if I can take my HIV medications with me?

You can travel with your medications as long as they are in their original bottles/containers and have your prescription label on the package that includes names, medication, doctor and dosage. I recommend placing meds in your carry on so they are not lost if there are delays with checked luggage.

Positive guys tell me they are “undetectable and on treatment,” what does that mean exactly?

“Undetectable” means a person is living with HIV infection and treatment (medication) is effectively controlling the virus. Many organizations and doctors have endorsed the ‘Undetectable Equals Untransmittable’ (U=U) Consensus Statement issued by the Prevention Access Campaign stating that, if you have an undetectable viral load and you take your medications properly, you cannot pass on HIV to your sexual partners. Read more here.

Be aware that the undetectable HIV viral load only prevents HIV transmission to sexual partners. Condoms also help prevent HIV transmission as well as other STIs and pregnancy.