Supervised Consumption (People Who Use Drugs)

As part of our efforts to address the opioid crisis, HIV Community Link is the co-chair of the Calgary Coalition on Supervised Consumption (CCSC). This is a multi-stakeholder group providing advisory support to the development of supervised consumption services in Calgary.

The Coalition began in 2017, after the exponential increase in overdoses and overdose deaths in Alberta and across Canada. The CCSC includes representatives from 19 organizations including Alberta Health Services, the City of Calgary, Calgary Police Services, the University of Calgary and numerous community-based organizations and service providers.

Did you know?

The most up-to-date data (June 2019) shows that since January 1, 2016 2,358 individuals have died from opioid poisoning in Alberta. On average, 2 individuals lost their lives every day in our province. The opioid crisis numbers demonstrate the need for Supervised Consumption Services (SCS) in Alberta, the second most affected province in Canada.

To read Supervised Consumption: A Report to Calgariansclick here

What are supervised consumption services?

Supervised consumption services, also called safe injection facilities, are an intervention that provides a safe and hygienic environment where people can use pre-obtained illicit drugs under the supervision of trained staff. They are part of a wider harm reduction strategy to reduce the negative impacts of drug use, including overdoses and death.

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