African Communities Project Rocking it in the Night Clubs

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nightclubOnline dating, youth groups and night clubs are all great places where people can meet and start dating. The African Communities project has made great strides in spreading the HIV message to its community members while most recently joining hands with some African Night clubs in the city.

A well patronized night club which attracts both youths and adults has joined in supporting ACP in HIV education on protected sex and are now giving out reading material to its patrons.

“We are very excited to partner with HIVCL and will now be distributing condoms packs for those who want them,” says the club owner.
A mature couple who frequents this club commended this move and expressed concern that in the absence of HIV information, community members tend to forget that HIV is still out there and that unprotected sex could lead to infection.

The woman expressed her support for this partnership adding that people should not look at the clubs giving out of free condoms as promoting promiscuity but should look at it as responsible community support.
Several African barbershops on 17th Ave S.E. in Forest Lawn also give out HIV reading materials and place free condom packs in their bathrooms for their clients.